The Thakkar Family Foundation is truly a family affair.

Not only was our foundation started—and continues to be operated by—the Thakkar family, but recipients and members of any organization that receives foundation support instantly become part of our extended family for life.

Getting to where we are today wasn’t always easy, but it’s a story of perseverance, commitment and dedication. Here’s a brief snapshot of who we are and the route taken by Drs. Vinod and Tarlika Thakkar to get us here.

After growing up modestly in small villages in India,

Vinod and Tarlika Thakkar moved to the United States in 1973 to further their education. With just $20 in their pockets, the newly married couple had aspirations of starting a family, building a lasting legacy of purposeful, compassionate giving.

In the years following, the Thakkars had children, become accomplished physicians and settled in central Florida, where the warm weather reminded them of home. The Thakkars also became firmly entrenched in the local community, first through education and later in sports, culture and arts, and health care.

Over the years, the family has donated more than $1 million to individuals and families that need it (and deserve it) the most.

Our Guiding Actions

We Are Approachable

We’re available and engaged in the conversation around helping our communities.

We Inspire

We seek to motivate capable, driven people with a desire to improve their communities.

We Are Invested

Our family is wholly devoted to supporting deserving causes and individuals in those communities.

Get to know us

Drs. Vinod and Tarlika Thakkar 

Drs. Vinod and Tarlika Thakkar have been married since 1973, and together, founded the Thakkar Family Foundation. Born and raised in modest villages in India, Vinod and Tarlika moved to the United States in 1973 to further their education and progress toward reaching their collective goal of helping people.

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Prior to moving to the U.S., Vinod graduated from the B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad, India. He later advanced his education at United Hospital Medical Center, a New Jersey Medical School affiliate, in Newark, New Jersey, and through fellowships in gastroenterology and hepatology at various hospitals affiliated with New Jersey Medical School. He holds a lifetime certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine in both internal medicine and gastroenterology.

An accomplished and revered physician in her own right, Tarlika graduated from M.P. Shah Medical College in Jamnagar, India. In the U.S., she expanded her skillset with a residence in anesthesiology at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Patterson, New Jersey. 

Since moving to Florida, Vinod and Tarlika have donated more than $1 million to support local causes that are meaningful to them. They have two children, Vipul and Radha, and currently reside in the Central Florida town of Sebring. 

Radha Bachman, J.D.

The youngest child of Vinod and Tarlika, Radha (Thakkar) Bachman grew up in Sebring, watching firsthand the impact her parents could make on a community through philanthropy. After graduating from Sebring High School, Radha had plans to follow in her parents’ footsteps before realizing in her first year at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, that practicing medicine was not in her future. 

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Graduating with a degree in English Literature from Vanderbilt, Radha set her sights on law and returned to the Sunshine State to attend the University of Florida Levin College of Law. After graduating with her Juris Doctor degree, Radha spent six months as an education fellow at a matriculation school in her parents’ native India. As a fellow, she developed and directed an intensive spoken English workshop for elementary school teachers and implemented long-term methods for advancing computer literacy among village students. 

While becoming a doctor wasn’t the path Radha chose to follow, her legal work does keep her close to the family business. After spending time at several different firms as a health law associate, Radha joined nationally renowned FisherBroyles as a Partner in February 2018. In her role there, she represents a diverse array of health care entities including hospitals and health systems, physician groups, management service organizations, ambulatory surgery centers and post-acute care providers. She and her husband, Michael have three children and live in Tampa, Florida.

Vipul Thakkar, M.D.

Vipul was born in New Jersey while Vinod and Tarlika were in residency. He was sent to live in India with relatives for the first few years of his life while his parents completed training. Vipul attended elementary, middle, and high school in Highlands County and participated in youth soccer, baseball and tennis in Highlands county. He graduated at the top his class in 1994. 

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He attended the University of Miami as an undergraduate before moving to the University of Florida for medical school. In Gainesville, he was exposed to the field of radiation oncology which confirmed his desire to help patients navigate the journey through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. He experienced 7 true midwest winters while completing training at the Cleveland Clinic before settling in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two children.

His experiences are shaped by living in India as a toddler and growing up in central Florida. He is looking to continue to strengthen the community and people of Highlands county while also exploring ways to contribute on a larger scale.

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